Road Safety Apps- An Alert System for Accident Prone Sites in India

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Road Safety Apps- An Alert System for Accident Prone Sites in India

Life is important for all of us and we take every preventive measure to avoid the possibilities of bad happenings. The same theory is applicable to our safety on roads while travelling on vehicles like cars, jeeps, other automobiles, etc. This is on what digital world has aimed at and come up with a revolutionary idea of accident safety apps. The technology based mobile apps are based on GPS i.e. Global Positioning system, and operative to determine various prone areas of the cities where the maximum no. of road accidents and road crash deaths have been reported.

These apps comprise a database of accident prone sites and keep updating new danger spots and sites with time.

Important Features of Road Traffic Safety Apps:

  1. Reduce the Death Rate: According to the survey reports of 2013 in India, there were more than 137000 people killed in road accidents which indicates that a ratio of 1:4 i.e. one person died in every four minutes in the maximum traffic areas. In 2015, it was reported that no. of the deaths in automobile crashes and accidents has increased by 5%, which is 400 deaths every day or one life every 3.6 minutes. Opting the safety apps, this ratio can be decreased effectively to save the lives and to reduce the death rate in India.
  1. Alert the New Car Drivers: Although implementation of road traffic rules is mandatory for all, but still there are chances of getting hitched in accidents, and side hits when people usually overtake with high speed and harsh driving. Those, who just have started the self-drive journey, need to be very careful while driving in a stream of traffic areas. Using road safety apps, people will get an additional guide which will overcome the chances of road accidents and also relax the mind while driving because for every danger zone or black spot in an area of 500 meters, driving individuals will get an alert and thus will allow their attention towards it.
  1. Operative in Android and iOS Devices: To provide an easy access to the users, these apps are available on both Android and iOS operating system. Just go to the play store and download the app for free. To operate accident safety apps, start navigation system on Google Map and click on the app. This app will run smoothly along with your drive and detect the suspecting areas as black spots. Recognizing these, will surely save your life.
  1. Increase the Safety Measures: Road accidents causing major injuries and deaths are an important issue to consider all around the world. The main causes of these accidents are: drugged and aggressive driving, tiredness, drunk driving, rainy season, etc. Considering this, road safety apps are designed which will improve the road safety and thus reduce the no. of accidents, risk of getting injuries and deaths in danger zones.
    If you love your life, then why not to opt an important additional guide like accident safety apps in smartphones, and minimize the chances of accidents and automobile crashes while driving. Download the app and have a safe ride!

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