Watch-out is your travel companion to make your journey safe.
Its Blackspot locator will warn you against existing blackspots on your route!.

About watch-out

Watch-out is an Mobile based application integrated with Google maps that helps in identifying accident prone 'Blackspots'.

Install watch-out from Play-store on your device. Whenever you plan to travel, start the navigation on Google maps and open the app.

it will keep running while you drive towards your destination .

As soon as you are within the 100 meter range of any spot that has been identified as a 'Blackspot' by traffic regulatory authorities, its system will send out a voice message to you, so that you can avoid that spot or are extra watchful about it.

Watch-out is designed to keep you safe on roads by warning you about accident prone spots.

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If you have any suggestions or feedback related to the app, you can write to us at


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